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Live Inspired


I love to be inspired.

There is nothing better than that moment where it feels like something has lit a fire deep inside my belly. Where I feel compelled to write it down, to draw, to create. That feeling as the years go on has become a little more elusive, but it’s still there. I was sitting in a gorgeous little cafe in Perth with my baby girl fast asleep on my lap, flicking through an awesome new local Perth zine DotDotDash – when I felt it. It was a combination of time and place, a combination of things I loved in my pre-baby life… things that I have missed in the life I live now, mixed with my present loves. A green brain-food smoothy, organic produce, an inspirational cafe in what used to be a pretty uninspiring area, soft textured couches, my very own beautiful, sleeping child and the freedom to breathe… and there it was. Inspiration comes in a thousand forms, it pushes you to do many different things. I love it. It’s an incredible feeling, my pulse quickens, my whole body is alight and ready – creativity is there, ready and just aching to be used up.

When I felt it, I was reminded of all the times that inspiration has hit. I remembered the things I was striving for before wanderlust called and I became lost in a foreign land. I remembered the things I have always been passionate about, long before I became passionate about co-sleeping, babywearing, cloth nappies and my beautiful daughter. I remembered what used to drive me, the things that pushed me to be better, to grow faster, to create more. And I loved the way it made me feel.

Sometimes being a mama you lose a little part of who you were before. It’s a beautiful thing to love your child more than you could possibly love yourself, more than you could possibly love anything else in the world. But there comes a time, to be the best mama you can be, that you have to regain a little part of yourself for yourself. Finding the time to celebrate what makes you, you. Finding the time to allow yourself to be inspired, to make change, to grab those things that you love with both hands. I don’t know how to do this, but this moment of inspiration – it’s reminded me to try harder to find a bit more of myself in every day.

When you think you don’t have enough time to be inspired, if you think you don’t have enough time to make the change you want for yourself. Try to remember… you have exactly the same amount of hours in a day as Mother Theresa, Helen Keller, Harvey Milk, and Ghandi had. You are amazing. Have a little faith in yourself and let yourself be incredible. You are human and made of the same stuff that the worlds most inspirational people were made of. You can do anything.

What inspires you?




When Bo was nothing more than a little jelly bean, long before she had a name of her own, long before we knew if she was a she at all – she was given her very first nickname. Howard.

I was back in Australia for my initial 8 week scans and my mother was giving one of her ever-so-helpful spiels of advice. The topic of the day? Baby names. Names one should not call a baby. Howard was one (my apologies to any Howards out there). And since it was  name I was not to name my beautiful baby-to-be, Howard became her name.

For the following seven months Bo was affectionately called “Howie” by my mother, her friends, and eventually everyone I knew including my husband and I. Every now and again whilst she is sleeping I whisper secrets in Bo’s ear, secrets addressed to my little Howie… secrets we have been sharing since I first felt her move inside me, secrets that bind us together.

When Bo was about to enter the world I decided that I needed to pass the nickname Howie on to something that my little one could treasure, so we wouldn’t lose our fondness for Howie at after all. So I made the very first “Howie&Me” on her due date…

Howie slept next to my bed for the many nights I tried to get rest, moving my big Bo-belly around uncomfortably – willing my child with all of my might to enter the world. Howie came with us to hospital. As soon as Bo was placed in her bassinett a few hours after she was born, Howie was nestled in beside her immediately.

Howie has become an important member of our little family. When Bo goes to bed, Howie goes too. When Bo wakes up, Howie get’s the biggest smiles… We have been creating a beautiful little photographic timeline for Bo – in leiu of a baby book – in every photo of Bo, there too is Howie.

Bo is my Howie, and this Howie is hers… I can only hope that owl-howie gives Bo the same feeling of love, purpose and comfort as my little Howie does for me.