Inked in Colour is for Bo. Because I’m head over heels, completely and utterly in love with her and this blog is my labour of love, a record of her life, the decisions that were made for her and the adventures we will take as she grows and learns and becomes the spectacular person she is destined to be.

Bo is lucky enough to have parents who come from very different backgrounds, who had very different upbringings, who are determined to give her the best of both worlds. Love comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes – each of them being as valid, as wonderful and as necessary as the next in the development and shaping of this beautiful little person.

My blog Barefoot Inked began as a journey of experimental living – where I explored the great unknown and moved to a remote village in Indonesia – a country I knew nothing of. I thought I was there for a year, to live like a local, to learn the culture, to embrace the simple life – but the experiment turned into something much more. I fell in love, head over heels, desperately in love with a smooth tanned local surfer who I am now very proud to call my husband. I explored jungles, I learned to surf, I harvested rice and slept on a fabric stuffed mattress in a leaky beach shack. I rode buses for hours in cramped sweaty conditions, I explored markets after markets and reveled in every cultural event I could get my hands on.

After two years full of amazing experiences, terrible isolation, tears, joyous events and many a funny moment – we welcomed our beautiful girl into the world in a little town outside of Sydney, Australia.

A new adventure faces us now – I have always had very clear ideas of how I want to live my life, ideas that I’m sure will make themselves known through my blogs and I’ve always had a good idea of how I would want to raise a child. From the moment I discovered that I was pregnant I knew how I wanted to bring her into the world, with calm, with compassion and with love. The world is an incredible place, and I’m so excited to guide her through it whilst every day she teaches me more about patience, unconditional love and incredible joy. We now live in the village, me, Bo and our main man… we surf, we swim and we explore the world around us. There are tears and laughter and love

This blog is an exploration of what it is to be a first time parent and all the why’s, if’s, but’s and ah-ha moments that go with this new uncharted territory. Inked in Colour is the story of one multi-cultural family facing the future together one foot in each world – just trying to find balance.

Contact us any time to share your own life Inked in Colour story.


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  1. Hi: I really like your story about the kindness of strangers…I only yesterday set up my blog which I’ve called the generosity of strangers…it is based on the book I’m am about ready to publish about my mom’s experiences in Italy during WWII. One of my favorite parts is the relationship she and her family had with the American soldiers who liberated her town in the early 4o’s…complete strangers, but, as you experienced, the generosity and kindness of strangers. I’d like to maybe add your blog comment to my blog…I don’t know quite how as I’m still learning all this…but I’m told there’s such a thing as ‘reblogging’…what do you think?

    Thanks for sharing,

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