Quick update – New things are approaching!


Hello friends!

Well, with heaps of traffic coming in, a baby under one arm and a big plate of cheese in the other… we have been a little snowed under over here. We are building a beautiful new site… We are going off wordpress and self hosting somewhere else in the big bad web… we have been able to move all of our content, all of your comments and lots of love with us… and when the new site is up and running, this site will disappear – and you will be automatically forwarded to the new one, so never fear… you won’t miss a beat.

HOWEVER!! My wordpress friends and followers, and there are a great number of you. Our link will disappear between each other when we go off the grid. It will vanish and we will no longer show up on your “blogs I follow” tab. So to solve this problem, we would LOVE it if you would subscribe via email!! If you join our email list here, we will transfer it over to the new blog when we are ready to go live (hopefully by the end of the weekend, baby permitting)…

The subscribe box should be over there somewhere —————->

If you are having troubles (because you already follow us and you are logged in with your wordpress account and it doesn’t give you an email option) you can do one of two things:

1. Log out pf wordpress and come find us again at inkedincolour.wordpress.com – it will then show up as an email input. OR
2. Fill in this form below with your email address… I will then manually put it into the new site and you will just have to click through to confirm (via email) when it all goes through (again hopefully by the end of the weekend)… leave me your website if you want, then I can come over and subscribe to you – as I’m about to lose my wordpress blogroll too!

Sound simple enough? Sound complicated? Let me know if I can help you… We don’t want to lose you!!

Sash and Bo xox


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