Our village home…


After days of scrubbing, moving furniture and generally trying to get settled in my mind is a little calmer. I could describe the house in eloquent sentences, flourished words and lots of adjectives. But today, I won’t. Instead, a glimpse of what is to be our home for the rest of this year, a little moment in the grand scheme of our lives but a huge moment in the first year of the life of Bo. These four walls, make our home. Over the coming months all the glimpses are sure to add up to a full and colourful picture of this village life.

Another day done and inked in colour.





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    • Thank you so much! It’s nice to find the inspiration in every day life! LOVE your post it notes post – it’s so fun! Wouldn’t it have been lovely if there was a little tiny message on each one? Though that would have taken I lifetime!! (ps.I too am “free”) xx

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